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RJ or Radio Jockey has been with us for almost a century, but since the advent of FM channels the Radio Announcer suddenly being referred as Radio Jockey or RJ. These days a RJ not only plays a part of the navigator but his/her main aim is to entertain the listeners and simultaneously provide regular online information. Every successful RJ has its own style of communicating. A sweet, mid to heavy voice is considered suitable for broadcasting but moreover its your own aptitude, your overall confidence, your personality to deliver all of it through your voice. 

radio jockey

Although Radio Jockeys are required for all channels of Radio, but a Radio Jockey is usually related to FM. But why FM ?. FM channel broadcasts in stereo and has very good sound quality as compared to other short, medium wave channels. FM channels are relatively new medium and has gone through lot of changes since its formation. The style, expression, delivery, and content too has developed. FM Radio is a fast progressing industry with more and more channels opening up in every city of the world. 

What does an RJ has to do everyday 

First of all, an RJ does not have a regular 9 to 5 job. He can be called to host or anchor a show anytime of the day or night. An RJ has to be very open to himself. Whatever may be your emotions an RJ is always happy. He should be culturally active. He/She should know his/her city well, the culture and be aware of main events taking place. You should know of the language or further some dialects of other languages also, to punch in whenever necessary. Since Radio cannot survive without Movies, Songs or Bollywood in terms of India, so awareness about them is considered a necessity. An RJ should also be able to write scripts for a show. One thing more if you have written your script yourself, you know of the subject matter and can change or manipulate at your own will. 

An RJ has also to anchor Live shows. If speaking is your passion, talking to people comes naturally to you, fun never ends. Your every word is Live. You react to every song or item played. Everything is spontaneous but very relevant and entertaining.  In short you may have the following qualities- 

You enjoy talking to people and have a desire to be aware. 

You must be original and should have your own style. 

Your other voice performance or qualities like mimicry, local dialects and comedy or humour items helps to carry on the show. 

You can't afford to have inhibitions. 

You should know how to provide variations and modulation in your voice. You should be fluent but not monotonous as this may create boredom in your audience monotone is a surefire way of losing your audience. Modulate your voice well and your fan following will increase and open the way to other assignments. If you can sound different on your show, people will enjoy listening to you. 

Humans have a tendency to make mistake, if somehow a mistake has been made, either admit it or cover it up diplomatically. This may come up with experience or better listen to experienced RJs how they tackle these issues. Their professionalism, their relationship with listeners, the flow they are speaking, their interactiveness and so on. Also note how they interact live with listeners, how do they tackle some awkward queries or comments from callers. You should be ready to face that and cover up in your style quickly by changing the topic or by taking a break or playing a song. Mostly the telephone callers are briefed before for a minute or so before they come on live, this gets you an idea of the caller. 

Another thing an RJ is familiarity with the sound equipment and computers. An RJ has to deal with sound mixers, faders, CD players, Call equipment, Computer for his songs and Ads database and microphones & headphones. An RJ has to be with them in his studio, so one has to be computer savvy or have a desire to learn more on that. He should be able to know, if a goof up happens or should switch over to alternate equipment quickly. Never the less there are technical support to help you. 

Is formal training required to become an RJ? 

No. Anchoring or Radio Jockeying depends on how you deliver, your originality, the punch in your content, your style, your personality, how you present your programme and further how you connect with your audience. An RJ should have good communication powers and language skills. Never the less, RJ courses do help to develop your confidence or bring out your personality or inbuilt caliber in hiding but are not a necessity Many of the RJ's today have never gone through any course and have a good name today. RJ hunts or talent search are often conducted by FM channels to bring out original unique talent. 


There is a lot of scope for quick growth. All you need is talent, confidence and perseverance. As a radio jockey, besides getting contractual good money you earn by doing Ad commercials. As you get famous and your voice is recognized, other Radio Channels tend to attract you with better package. Alternatively RJs are also busy with doing voice-overs for ad films and movies. When they are being connected to their audience RJs also can anchor or compere TV shows or live shows / events.


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