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Phone Voices | IVRS Voices - Hindi

Neeraj M Mehra, Gurgaon, India- widely experienced Voice over artiste for Phone content, worked with Airtel, Indiatimes, Estel and more. was Voice of Indiatimes in 2005-2006,dubbed for many cartoon characters, real characters.

Purvadhanashree, Hyderabad, India An experienced Voice Actor with perfect command over Hindi and English as she is a Translator too. Gifted with a voice which flows with an ease, has clear diction, good pronunciation. See my webpage for details.

Bhasker Mehta, Delhi, India - An experienced Voice over artiste in Hindi, English, Punjabi and Haryanvi with a myriad of range from warm, pleasant and soothing to authoritative, commanding and high energy. High quality and efficient output for e-learning, corporate narration, training, commercials - TV and radio, animation and audio-books. Be it a persuasive appeal, reassuring proposition or a voice of resounding conviction, Bhasker's voice will deliver it for you. Click on the name for details.  

The above list is not exhaustive, for more Phone/IVRS Voice Artistes contact Neeraj M Mehra on voiceartistes@gmail.com
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