Neutral English - Voice Over Artistes
Pralay Bakshi,(Premium VO) Goa, India
A versatile, warm, authoritative, friendly voice with over 12 years and 1000s of recordings worth of experience; and a wide range of reputed clientele including UTV, Sony, Zee TV, NDTV, Citibank, ICICI Bank, Studio 18, Big Cinemas, Uninor, Absolut etc, in India, UK, UAE, USA etc. With own recording and production setup in Panjim, Goa. Quality VOs delivered on email/ftp or at your studios.
Ross Huguet (Premium VO), Vancouver, Canada
Is a full time Voice Over Professional with 26 years experience. Based in North America, English is his first language. Ross has extensive experience and national commercial credits. Credits include Toyota, Walt Disney, McDonalds, Honda and The Discovery Channel. Ross is reliable, prompt, and easy to work with his own professional studio.
Ravindrra, (Premium VO) Delhi, India
RAVINDRRA is an AVA awarded Leading voice artiste with tons of experience. He not only works for top TV Channels but also for MNCs, Educational and Religious institutions. He own's a ProTools studio for High Quality product and delivers within hours of request.
Ashish Joshi, (Premium VO)  Mumbai, India
A trained and versatile voice, expert in English (Neutral and US) and Hindi-Urdu, with experience in commercials, promos, documentaries, corporate films, audio books, e-learning, dubbing, animation, jingles. Email: voiceofaj at gmail dot com.
Girish Chandran,(Premium VO) Bangalore, India
 A Trained, talented experienced have done character animation for animation series, given about 70 hours of E learning, given narration for premier MNCs, banks (Vijaya, Canara, Indian Overseas Bank), ESI Hospital, ISKCON, Tata sky…Have given character voices for drama plays, announcements etc.
Harish Bhimani, (Premium VO) Mumbai, India
The most favorite voice of India. From documentaries & corporate videos to son-et-lumiere shows, from TV show promos to spiritual albums, audio books to radio shows & CD-ROMs, text-to-speech - the works. No less than 20,000 recordings to date - including radio-TV commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, TV promos & recaps, in-flight VOs...and counting.
Desmond Fernandez, Mumbai, India
Talented, skilled in voice over from professional institutions. Having warm, mid-range, professional, variable voice texture as per script, fluent, clear, articulate, can be quirky and funny.
Peter Abraham, Mumbai, India
Warm and deep for narrations, presentations and corporate requirements - Young, friendly and fun for youth brands and the "MTV generation" - Agewise, a voice ranging from mid-20s to mid-40s, suitable for young dad to best friend to sincere spokesperson.
Himanshu Khanna, Delhi, India 
Himanshu Khanna has been a professional male voice talent and actor for 2 years. His voice over services have included voicing many of corporate narrations, tutorials, on hold and voice mail messages in Neutral English.
Zubin Dubash, Mumbai, India
a naturally-gifted professional male voice. Truly a voice actor. His voice over services include voicing radio and television commercials, corporate narrations, tutorials, on hold and voice mail messages, audio books, and elearning content in English (neutral) and Hindi.
Manoj Panjabi, Mumbai, India
Base Voice, Detailed, deep, smooth, refined, consistent, corporate, warm, sophisticated and a very clear Neutral accent for Indian VO needs. Also do in Hindi.
Rajat Mehrotra, Gurgaon, India
Rajat Mehrotra, that’s me – is not a voice over professional only – but a Voice Over Actor – as the voice is emotive in its tonality and delivery. Have done a few projects as a VO artist in neutral English for corporate stories/AVs.
Premkumar, Mumbai, India
A Booming, Powerful voice for E learning, Audio books, Documentaries, Commercials, Promos, Announcements, Training & Business presentations, TV Shows & Movies.
Amit Malhotra,  Delhi, India
 Amit has around 15 years of rich experience as a voice over artist and has done various assignments in both English & Hindi. His work spans from ,radio spots, documentaries, story telling, RJ mentions, E-learning capsules, Corporate Films to anchoring LIVE shows.
Ashdin H. Dodhy, Mumbai, India
Rich, Deep, Base and Powerful Voice. Character and Animated Voices and also with regional and foreign accents. Have done many Vo's for Corporate AV's, E- Learning, Presentations, etc.
Bhasker Mehta, Delhi, India
An experienced Voice over artiste in Hindi, English, Punjabi and Haryanvi with a myriad of range from warm, pleasant and soothing to authoritative, commanding and high energy. High quality and efficient output for e-learning, corporate narration, training, commercials - TV and radio, animation and audio-books. Be it a persuasive appeal, reassuring proposition or a voice of resounding conviction, Bhasker's voice will deliver it for you.
Neeraj M. Mehra, Delhi, India
9 years experienced voice artiste, with Master's Degree in English, to give your audio a quality. Contact for 100% satisfactory work. Click on my name for details. Email-voiceartistes@gmail.com 
Abhishek Chatterjee, Mumbai, India
 heavy to medium base voice. well suited for narrative purposes and e-learning.
Rakesh Jagtiani, Delhi, India
High Baritone authoritative trained Voice. Contact me for lead voice for all your audio needs. I am your Man! See my Webpage.
James D'souza, Mumbai, India
a professional voice over artist working for more than 4 years for various clients delivering quality assignments within quick turnaround times. Have a good command over English and Hindi language. Allow me to do the talking if you want to add an essence to your voiceover requirement.
Jasjeet Grover, Delhi, India
Has a rich work experience of over 15 years in the fields of Sales, Training and Management and speaks with a natural American Accent. He has the ability to modify his accent as per the script requirement, recorded for lots of clients and also for corporate business ads.
Mona A. Bedre(Premium VO) Chennai, India
Experienced versatile Voice Actor, Live Shows Presenter and singer available for all your audio, video and events in Tamil, English, Hindi and Marathi. A Mid Range voice that holds and audience for long.
Aparna Korde(Premium VO) Mumbai, India
Base Premium Voice with smoothness, grace and class. Done a few projects with Big Brands in Hindi, English and Marathi. Great command over these languages.
Neena(Premium VO) Delhi, India
Base Voice with command and authority. A skilled Voice Over artiste with polished language which depicts grace and attraction. Done a few projects.
Rachna, (Premium VO) Delhi, India
Trained, Talented English Voice artiste with bright, cheerful Voice. Lot of projects completed. Add color to your program.
Malini Dhir, (Premium VO) Jaipur, India
A trained, skilled versatile Voice Artiste with great command over  English, Urdu and Punjabi. Being an educationist I know the language. Click on the name for details. Contact me for any recordings.
Rajluxmi, (Premium VO) Mumbai, India
A trained professional VO artist and a trained singer who has done numerous projects in Hindi, English, Punjabi and Marathi. Have my home studio set up too.
Deviya Kumar, Delhi, India
A professional radio host, voice talent and actor. for Hindi and Neutral English. She is a certified voice in voice culture and has lent her voice to many commercials, promos, documentaries, animation videos, character voices, dubbing work,av presentations, e-learning projects etc.
Smita Katiyar, Pune, India
 A voice artiste with a diploma in VoiceMaster technique, and experience of a few corporate presentations.
Jayanthi, Dubai, UAE
Base Voice, experienced radio broadcaster, have done lot of voice overs, jingles and commercial spots for major brands. Contact me for singing, recordings. Also do Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi.
Jayshree Jhaveri, Mumbai, India
A Skilled, Trained and experienced VO with clear diction, clear speech, versatility of emotions for all kinds of audio.
Pooja Lal, Delhi, India
 Eloquent, clear, pleasing, good diction, Crisp and young voice with lots of experience behind for all your audio recording needs in Neutral English.
Mohita Namjoshi, Mumbai, India
A Trained and experienced Voice Artiste. Have been working full time on a Japanese food channel on YouTube. Do regular voicing in English, Hindi, Marathi and Japanese for all kind of content.
Dr. Sandhu, Delhi, India
Corporate Voice, mid base with great clarity over phonetics for professional voice overs.
Vrinda Thakker, Mumbai, India
Has been a professional female voice talent for 2+ years now for Neutral Englishm, Hindi and Gujarati. With versatility, intelligence, and a great voice to every session. Quality voice over files is turned around quickly and efficiently, with most projects being delivered within 12 - 24 hours and often the same day!
Sneha B, Mumbai, India
a Professional Voice Talent who speaks Neutral English and Hindi. Have been a narrator for a Televised Travel show for Travel XP channel. IVR’s for Vodafone special services, e-learning for Wipro and Asian Paints and much more.
Darshana, Mumbai, India
Darshana Shirsagar has been a professional female voice talent for 2+ years now. With versatility, intelligence, and a great voice to every session. Quality voice over files are turned around quickly and efficiently, with most projects being delivered within 12 - 24 hours and often the same day.
Subgha Kaul, Delhi, India
Base Voice with slight husk with authority and great command over diction and flow. Hear it to believe it.
Aarushi, Delhi, India
A Trained and Skilled Voice Over Artiste in English, Punjabi and Hindi. Eloquent, clear, pleasing, good diction, Crisp and young voice with lots of experience behind for all your audio recording needs.
Pushpa Chatterjee, Bangalore, India
Eloquent, clear, pleasing, good diction, Crisp and attractive voice with experience behind for all your audio recording needs. Also do Bengali and Hindi.
Bhavna Singh, Delhi, India
 A smooth Flowing voice with depth for all your narrative needs. Much suitable for soft narrations. Hear my demo to feel the warmth in my voice. 
Ekta Khandelwal, Delhi, India
Sharp, attractive voice texture with perfect command over English for all narrative audios. Deeper, smoother delivery depicting elegance and sophistication. An experienced voice artist who knows her job.
Rupa Krishnan, NJ, USA

Most sought after voice that's young, energetic, classy and international, clear, classy voice, perfect for commercials and promos, intelligent and powerful for narrations, or just friendly, warm and approachable. Contact for Voice Over, Narrations, e-learning, Podcasts TV & Radio promos, in-flight videos, IVR and phone message systems. Whatever your project might be, I will deliver your job with precision, quality and quick turnaround!  and more demos http://myvoiceovergal.com 

Delony, Delhi, India
 An experienced Voice Actor with perfect command over Neutral English. Gifted with a voice which flows with an ease, has clear diction, good pronunciation.
Cinda, Delhi, India
A Child Voice Actor with perfect command over English. Gifted with a voice which flows with an ease, has clear diction, good pronunciation.
Vijaya, Delhi, India
An experienced Voice Actor with great clarity. Working for E learning and other dubbing voice overs. Also do VO in Malayalam and Hindi.
Revati Iyer, Delhi, India
Attractive, base voice. A versatile Voice Artiste with command over 10 languages. Well experienced and trained with lot of assignments completed.
Nidhi Mehrotra Basu, Delhi, India
An experienced Voice Artiste, Speech and Drama Specialist, Theatre Actor/Director, writer, Emcee. Strengths are clarity of dictions in both- Hindi and English and voice acting in character Voices. Take up all projects-Films, TVC’s, Radio spots, Corporate Films, promos, etc in Hindi and English. Solo voice for smartschoolonline (this url on youtube).
Tanya, India
India's best female native English voice over artiste for e-learning. Worked as a teacher for over 6 years. Quite knowledgeable in recording educational content and with significant experience doing the same.
Mukta Sharma, Mumbai, India
Radio Jockey with Prasar Bharati, wrote scripts and did live transmissions. Doing VO assignments in English. Also do VO in Kannada, Telugu & Hindi.
Nazneen Madan, Mumbai, India
Very Versatile voice artist who has done hundred of Voicing Assignments and acted for numerous projects. Have perfect command over English.
Bindia Rai, Delhi, India
An experienced Voice Over Artist with attractive, sharp base voice for all kinds of audio, video programmes in English and Hindi.
Anita, Delhi, India
More than 15 years in the voice industry having given my voice for many International Clients in UK Accent, International English for Numerous films and documentaries, Corporates. email  voiceartistes@gmail.com
Devyani Kapur, Mumbai, India

Have a Voice Over diploma in Hudson’s Voice Technique from Voicemaster International, providing quality voiceovers in English for many clients.

Neha Gargava, Mumbai, India
a Professional Voice Talent and speak Neutral English and Hindi. A skilled and experienced in VO, Narrations, IVRs, Corporate AVs, Commercials, Dubbing, E-Learning, Radio Dramas, Radio Spots etc. Voiced to some of the leading brands like National Geographic Channel, Disney, ITC, Vodafone, HP, Idea, HUL, Pfizer, Disney Kids etc.
Chitra Swamy, Bangalore, India
Bangalore, India - Clear & smooth, warm & friendly, soft & sensuous young woman voice with authority. Certified from Voice Master, London, she is the voice for all your audio needs. Email  chitraswamy05@gmail.com 
KS, India
A Skilled, Trained and experienced Voice Over Artiste who has class, elegance, grace in her voice. Listen to the demos to believe.
Priya, India 
Attractive, peppy voice, I am into the voice over industry for 2 years now and have voiced for several documentaries, advertisements and IVR’s. Giving life to scripts is my passion. 
Mala Negi, Delhi, India
Experienced VO Actor. Recorded many voice overs and jingles for a number of national and international companies and studios. Other than English I do IVR recordings in Hindi, Garhwali and can sing in almost 10 languages. Got own studio recording set up or visit www.RJMala.com
The above list is not exhaustive, for more Lead Voice Over Artistes contact Neeraj M Mehra on voiceartistes@gmail.com
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