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Voice is God Gifted, yes it true and fact, but it can be trained, this also a fact. Nobody is a born singer or narrator or voice artiste, yes he/she may have a sweet, melodious voice by birth but still his/her voice needs to be trained enough to modulate, variate and able to perform professionally for required time. I am here to tell you about tips on how to improve your voice ( for voicing, dubbing, mimicry) so that you are able to have more base, uncharred, rhythmatic voice and have some control over your throat to produce variation and modulation in your voice as and when necessary. What ever you want to become in voicing arena, be it voice over artiste, dunning artist, mimicry artiste, performing actor, you need to modulate your voice according to the mood of the script. This is the first requirement of being a professional voice artiste. Anyway, lets begin with the training.

1. Like what a singer does every morning called "Riyaaz" you should also do the same every morning. You can take "Sa" only of Sa Re Ga Ma and then take a deep breath from mouth, not nose, and start reciting "Sa" with your full base voice till your quality breath comes to a decline level. Stop deliberately. There is  no use of unnecessary stretching of breath. Keep in mind you have to inhale from mouth, fully and should go on saying "Sa" till the end of your breath in a continuous pitch without any breaks, variation or modulation of your voice. This will not only help you in having good base voice but also increase your voicing stamina. Similarly same thing can be done chanting OM, 50% "O" and 50% "MM". When you do "MM" your resonance quality improves, your vocal chords work in tandem, you tend to develop smoothness and uniformity n your vocal texture.

2. If Main/Lead Voice Over is your target, you should everyday practice atleast two scripts with proper diction, pronunciation, modulation (as & when). If you do not have the stamina you may lose your voice in a lengthy script, that is your voice may be bold, enthusiastic, fresh in the first quarter of the script and may get tired or becomes low in the end. This is called the stamina of Voice, to remain one till the end specially in the case of background lead voice overs or narrators for documentaries or audio visuals. Similarly for other voicing fields, mimicry, stand up comedy, cartoon dubbings, simple dubbings etc. Record your voice everyday and listen. Everyday you will notice some improvement.

3. Yoga plays a very important role in keeping your throat & voice healthy. Everyday chanting of "OM" for 3-4 minutes will give similar positive results as mentioned in point number one. You can also perform other Asanas for throat as "Singasana" and "Bharamri Pranayam" which will clear your throat and keep you away from all problems.

4. One more Yog asana which is the most effective is 'Ujjhayani Pranayam' where full throat is contracted inside, and a sound is produced in reverse, that is you are producing sound by inhaling in through nose but throat is fully contracted and lips closed. When you breathe in fully, after that you release your throat muscles and release the breath through the left nostril, by holding the right nostril with your right thumb. A very effective way to exercise your tonsils.

5. To have a good feel of your voice and make it more fluent, one of a prestigious voice artiste once told me his secret which I am sharing with you, to speak 'om' or simple 'Aaaah' in an earthen pot or a 'mutka'. You can also practice your scripts like this before appearing for an audition or final recordings. 

6. Stay away from very cold things, beverages, aerated waters, chocolates, pickles, chillies and anything very sour. Chocolates, Toffees and other paste like things form a layer on your tonsils, exposing it to infections. If you eat occasionally do try to clear your throat and I hope you all brush your teeth before sleeping. Try to gargle your throat by simple Ayurvedic Gargle Concentrate, diluted in warm water before going to bed everyday. This would minimize any chances for infection while you are in your sleep. Do not shout, that make your vocal chords vibrate so harshly that can be damaged.

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I hope you like my articles on voicing. This may help you in boosting your confidence & courage to search more avenues in gaining success as Voice Artiste. Remember, you are dead when you think you have learnt all.


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